Office Air Quality Testing, Orlando, FL

There are many benefits involved with regular office air quality testing.

It might surprise you how often illnesses in an office building are directly related to the air quality. At Integral Choice Corp., we want you to know you don’t have to have viruses being spread around for there to be increased illness among your employees. It could be something as simple as a plumbing issue that created mold, and the resulting elevated mold spore level is affecting those susceptible to mold allergies.

Office Air Quality Testing in Orlando, Florida

The best way to find out what is in your air is employing our office air quality testing. We test for a wide variety of contaminants, including mold, bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and more. You will receive a detailed report that you can use to take steps to improve air quality in your office building.

Air quality can account for a wide range of symptoms, including headaches that lower productivity, cold and flu symptoms that could result in absenteeism, and an unhealthy environment in general. Let us help you avoid all these scenarios by learning more about the air your staff is breathing. Our office air quality testing gives you the information you need so you can remedy whatever is going on in your building.

Another benefit of regular office air quality testing is that you are demonstrating to your staff that you care about them and their health. You’ll be able to attract the best of the best when you are seen as a concerned employer. Reach out today to learn more about our office air quality testing or our other services.