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Our team has been providing mold inspection assessments for decades.

Sometimes you know you have mold because it is visible. However, quite often, mold colonizes in hidden places in your Orlando, Florida home or business. Mold thrives in dark, damp environments, so it stands to reason that you might not know it is there. If you suspect mold, however, because of respiratory distress, odors, and other signs, reach out to us at Integral Choice Corp. to schedule a mold inspection appointment.

Mold Inspection in Orlando, Florida

We hold two mold services licenses: MRSA 4032 Licensed Mold Assessor and MRSR 4063 Licensed Mold Remediator. These allow us to conduct both a mold inspection and mold remediation services, so a mold problem can be found and resolved. We can resolve your mold issue regardless of which of the thousands of different species is involved and no matter how advanced the problem might be. Our team has been providing mold inspection assessments with over 40 years of combined experience, so it is safe to say we know what to look for and how to obtain the best sample possible for an accurate lab analysis.

While not all mold species are highly dangerous and not everyone will experience respiratory distress, if you would rather not run the risk of a problem now or in the future, reach out to us to schedule a mold inspection. We are happy to schedule an appointment whether you know you have mold, suspect mold, or just want peace of mind that there isn’t any mold to be concerned about.

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