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Determine the extent of your mold problem.

Does your home have mold? If your home in the Orlando, Florida area recently sustained water damage, there’s a good chance your home has mold. It doesn’t take much for mold to take hold and spread– all you need is a moist, dark area, and mold will thrive and continue to colonize until it takes over the space, causing damage along the way.

Damage Assessment in Orlando, Florida

If you’re worried about your mold problem and the extent of the damage, have our team at Integral Choice Corp. come in and complete the damage assessment process. Not only can we confirm the existence of the mold, but we can also give you more information about the extent of the damage.

During the damage assessment process, we will carefully assess your home and look for issues in hidden places that often get overlooked. We will then put together a comprehensive report you can give to your insurance company and refer back to when taking next steps to take care of the damage.

As a damage assessment company, we want to give you the accurate information you need to move forward. We are trusted, reliable, and dedicated to going above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

We care about your family’s health and the home you have invested so much in, and we are here to help you figure out and take care of your mold problem. For more information about what the damage assessment process involves, reach out to us today.

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