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Our water services are designed to alert you to the presence of harmful substances in your water supply.

While we are most known for our air quality services here at Integral Choice Corp., we also recognize that the water you drink and bathe with is just as important for your overall health and wellbeing. That is why we also proudly offer water services. As water inspection specialists, we can determine if your water supply is free of harmful components, such as coliform bacteria.

Water Services in Oviedo, Florida

Water testing is designed to determine if your water in your Oviedo, Florida home or business is safe to drink. It may not be dangerous for showering as long as you do not drink any of the water, but most people would not find it appealing to bathe in contaminated water. The good news is that the public water supply is routinely tested for coliform bacteria, and they will notify you with a “boil water notice” if something goes amiss. For peace of mind, you can have the water tested on your own. However, if your water supply comes from a well on your property, it is critical that you have the water tested regularly.

Our water services begin with a visit to your home or business by one of our assessors who will collect water samples for analysis. We can perform testing for different varieties of coliform bacteria. We will get back to you in 6 to 10 days with the results and explain what the findings mean in terms of any additional water services you might need to make your water safe for consumption. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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